’Tis The Season: 12 Ways To Add Festive Cheer To Social Media

1. Add A Christmas Twibbon To Your Social Profiles

2. Create Holiday-Themed Graphics For Your E-Mail Marketing


3. Give Your Business Logo A Holiday Makeover

A lot of well-known brands update their logo for the holidays. You don’t need fancy graphic design changes. Many free photo editing sites allow you to add seasonal filters and graphics to your photos.

4. Deck The Halls Of Your Blog

Decorate your website or blog with seasonal graphics. If you run a WordPress site, you can add a feature which mimics snow falling. Simply go to your dashboard, click on Settings — General, and then check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.

Wordpress.org Christmas plug-in

5. Show Your Support For A Worthy Cause

Get behind a worthy cause this Christmas and encourage your readers and followers to do the same.

6. Email A Christmas Video Greeting

Shoot a quick video to include in your next email newsletter. No other marketing medium can communicate as quickly and effectively as video.

7. Create An Advent Calendar

A fun idea (though it requires an investment of time up-front) is a social media advent calendar. Each day you can reveal an exclusive piece of content to your fans. Here’s a great example from Love Knitting, a site for, erm… knitters.

8. Share Helpful Holiday Tips Around Your Product or Service

Source: Polka Spots and Freckle Dots

9. Offer A Seasonal Discount

Offer a discount on a product or service you supply which would make a great Christmas gift.

10. Run A Holiday Contest

11. Create A Christmas-Themed Pinterest Board

If you have not explored the world of Pinterest yet, the holidays are the perfect time to start.Pinterest now serves more than 10 billion recommendations every day.

12. Involve Your Instagram Followers

Visual social networks like Pinterest and Instagram are important to inspiring people at this time of year. Get your followers more involved with your business by making it fun for them to join in your marketing by sharing user-generated images.

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