Six Tips To Get The Most From Google Search

A basic Google search will usually help you find what you are looking for; but for those times when it falls short, you will need to turn to some advanced search techniques. Here are six tips to help you zone in on the exact information you need next time you turn to Google.

Tip #1 Use The Exact Phrase

Using “quotation” marks around a phrase or name allows you to search for those exact words in that exact order, thereby excluding more common but less relevant results. This is especially useful if you’re trying to find results containing a specific phrase.

E.g. Search: “social media marketing”

Tip #2 Exclude A Particular Term

Try expanding your search parameters by excluding certain words using the minus (-) symbol. This is useful when your search generates a lot of results that aren’t relevant to you. Re-run the search excluding the words that you don’t want included.

E.g. Search: social media marketing — advertising

Tip #3 Search Using “OR”

By using the OR term you can search for web pages that might use one of several words.

E.g. competition OR match

Tip #4 Use An Asterix

The asterisk symbol * works as a wild card within searches. It can be used in place of a missing word or part of a word, when you are not sure what the entire phrase is.

E.g. Don’t throw the * Out With The *

Tip #5 Search Between Two Values

By using (..) in between a set of values you can search for results that include numbers within a range.

E.g. US Presidents 1950.. 1980

Tip #6 Search Related Sites

Find sites that are similar to a web address you already know.

E.g. related:

Using these Google tricks will lead you to more focused searches in the future. Do you have any other tips to share?

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