Showcase Your Expertise on LinkedIn with Collaborative Articles

Do you know about LinkedIn’s collaborative articles?

Marie Ennis-O'Connor
3 min readJun 4, 2024

LinkedIn’s collaborative articles are a new way for professionals to access the collective knowledge of the LinkedIn community, gain insights from experts on a range of professional topics, and share their own expertise and experiences.

The versatility of this feature is particularly noteworthy, as it covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from general career advice to niche industry-specific discussions. Professionals from all backgrounds can find relevant, valuable content tailored to their interests. With multiple perspectives, experiences, and expertise, these articles offer comprehensive insights you couldn’t get from individual contributions alone. This approach not only enriches the content’s depth and breadth but also cultivates a sense of community among LinkedIn members. It serves as an excellent platform for professionals to exchange knowledge, acquire new perspectives, and network with peers in their industry.

How To Find Collaborative Articles on LinkedIn

See this list of collaborative articles. Click the categories on the right side of the page to explore collaborative articles of a particular skill.

Interacting With Collaborative Articles

  • You can share, react to, and save collaborative articles like any post on your feed.
  • If you find a contribution helpful, you can like or react to the contribution.
  • Should you come across a contribution that seems irrelevant, random, or not valuable, you can mark it as unhelpful. Don’t worry, your feedback remains private and isn’t displayed publicly. Made a mistake? No problem, you can quickly undo an unhelpful mark. Just remember, after refreshing the page, the contribution you deemed unhelpful will disappear from view.
  • At the end of every article, you can rate the overall quality of the article to help LinkedIn improve the content experience.

Contributing to Collaborative Articles

LinkedIn has extended an invitation to a select group of experts to share their insights in various articles. The platform recognizes potential experts on specific topics through their work history, skill expertise, and previous interactions on the site. To increase your chances of being selected, actively engage with these articles by liking or reacting to them.

If you’re invited to contribute, simply click “Add your perspective” to include your insights in a section of the article.

You may receive a Community Top Voice badge, (e.g. “Top Marketing Voice”) if your contributions are among the most interacted with, providing valuable content for collaborative articles on a specific skill.

LinkedIn’s collaborative articles feature serves as a hub for knowledge-sharing, fostering continuous learning, professional development, and meaningful connections within the LinkedIn community. Start collaborating today and take your professional growth to the next level!

Have you had the opportunity to try this feature? What are your thoughts on it?