How To Increase Organic Reach and Create More Engaging Content on Facebook

Top 20K Brand Facebook Page Posts via BuzzSumo and Buffer-Chart

Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm: What You Need To Know

“I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.” — Mark Zuckerberg

  • Look at your Page Insights tab to see what has performed well in the past. Pay close attention to those posts with higher numbers of comments and shares. Think about how you can recycle that content into new posts, for example, add a new visual, turn it into a video, etc.
  • Take advantage of Facebook Groups to ask questions and glean insights. As Larry Kim suggests you should join and start Facebook groups that fit your audience to discover their interests and concerns in order to create relevant, lead nurturing content.
  • Use a tool like Buzzsumo to find inspiration by searching which popular content is most shared right now on social media. These are the topics people want to read about so it’s worth brainstorming ideas around this content.

8 Ways To Create More Engaging Content

1. Grab Attention With a Compelling Visual

Video today is interactive. It’s shorter, it’s mobile and you can drive action from it. — Facebook

2. Keep Things Simple

3. Go Live

4. Create Stories

People share more photos, videos, and links on WhatsApp and Messenger than they do on social networks.

5. Generate an Emotional Response

6. Add an Element of Surprise

7. Avoid Clickbait Style Posts

8. Post When Your Followers Are Online

9. Analyze What’s Working For Your Competitors and Industry Peers

To Wrap Up



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