How Do You Stack Up On Social Media?

Marie Ennis-O'Connor
3 min readFeb 26, 2022

This report is for you if you’ve ever asked yourself (or been asked) “How am I really doing on social?”

A new edition of Rival IQ’s Social Media Industry Benchmark Report has been released for 2022. This report, which surveyed millions of posts and billions of interactions from top brands in every major industry on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, brings you the freshest social media benchmark data.

2022 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report | Rival IQ

Key Findings — At A Glance

Image Credit: Rival IQ

Here are some key takeaways worth noting across all industries, starting with Facebook, which continues to see declining engagement rates.

Average Facebook Engagement Rate

Average Facebook Posting Frequency

How often do you post on Facebook? The report finds median posting frequency on Facebook has gone up by a few points this year.

If you’re dismayed by falling Facebook engagement rates, then maybe it’s time to double down on Instagram. Although, Instagram engagement rates fell by about 30% this year, it is still higher than Facebook’s dismal rate.

Instagram Engagement Rate

The median posting frequency across all industries increased about 25% this year on Instagram.

Average Instagram Posting Frequency

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