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  • robert o'connor

    robert o'connor

    Inquisitive by nature with scientific interest in all that surrounds me. I have a Ph.D. in cancer pharmacology & work as a head of research in a cancer charity

  • Charlie-Helen Robinson

    Charlie-Helen Robinson

    Unearthing. Adelaide, South Australia | Public Relations | This Pathological Life Podcast Producer

  • Jen Horonjeff

    Jen Horonjeff

    Founder Savvy Cooperative, patient, researcher, happy matchmaker of people & projects, join us at https://savvy.coop

  • Cathy Fowley

    Cathy Fowley

  • G. Ryan

    G. Ryan

    Freethinker | Fan of the all

  • Dave Young

    Dave Young

    Tech Entrepreneur & designer, curious about social dynamics and life hacking

  • Kim Bellard

    Kim Bellard

    Curious about many things, some of which I write about — usually health care, innovation, technology, or public policy. Never stop asking “why” or “why not”!

  • Anthony


    Building a cyber security consulting business in Minnesota. Not selling products, but instead focusing on skills and process improvement to help reduce risk.

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