An Easy Way To Determine The Correct Social Media Image Size

Marie Ennis-O'Connor
3 min readMay 15, 2022

A Cheat Sheet For Each Social Network

It probably isn’t necessary for me to tell you that compelling visuals make effective marketing.

It is a very powerful marketing tool that increases message association, brand awareness, and engagement.

In order to share high-quality visuals across platforms, make sure each image is the right size before sharing. A pixelated or cropped image can seem unprofessional to the viewer if it is not sized correctly.

To make the job of determining the right size and resolution of an image easier, there are several handy charts available from different sources.

Let’s start with this infographic from Hootsuite which covers the four main social platforms.

Now let’s dig into each of these in turn.





Let’s look at some more popular networks.




Finally, although YouTube is not a social network, you should certainly include it in your social media marketing strategy. It is an extremely useful platform for increasing your SEO efforts.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you learned something new today. You might also like to read: 21 Free Photo Sites To Create Unique Social Media Images