6 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media Marketing

In the northern hemisphere spring has sprung at last.

Traditionally spring is a time for cleaning our homes, but we can also think about extending this to our social media lives too.

Our digital houses can get just as cluttered as our real-life homes.

So let’s take some time this spring to clear away the junk and dust those cobwebs from our social media channels.

It’s time to get rid of what’s cluttering up your life both on and offline and start afresh with these six actionable tips.

1. Do An Audit

The first step is to assess how well your current social media marketing works for you. We can waste time and resources trying to improve things that don’t need improving while neglecting the things that we really need to work on. A social media audit is a great way to take stock of where you’re at and identify what you can improve on going forward.

Take Action: Learn how to perform a complete social media audit to ensure you are using social media with focus and purpose with my step-by-step guide.

2. Check Out The Competition

Doing some competitor analysis allows you to benchmark your metrics against others to see how you stack up. While it’s tempting to go straight to vanity metrics such as follower numbers, it will be of more benefit if you skip the quantitative analysis for qualitative.

  • What type of content are they creating and how often are they sharing it?
  • Which content is performing well?
  • Which content is most shared, commented on, etc?
  • How have they chosen to use videos and images?
  • Which social media influencers are they interacting with?
  • Are they active on networks you aren’t?

Take Action: Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your findings. Keeping a spreadsheet makes it more scalable (SproutSocial has a neat spreadsheet template to help you get your competitors in order).

3. Review Your Social Media Platforms

Are you using the right social media platform to maximize your reach? It’s important, especially if your resources are limited, that you’re focusing your social media efforts in places that will generate the most return for your efforts.

Not all social media is created equal. Different platforms attract different audiences. There’s no point spending your time on a particular social network if your audience isn’t there. Nor should you spread yourself too thin by trying to be everywhere at once. Every additional platform your business is active on means additional time and effort required to engage on and create tailored content for that platform.

Take Action: When choosing a social network always keep one eye on the bigger picture. Rather than being led by current trends, back up your decisions by aligning them with your goals and audience. When assessing a platform ask yourself if it is the right fit for what you are trying to do and for whom you want to reach.

4. Spruce Up Your Social Media Profiles

Now is the ideal time to perfect your social profile to convey a professional, consistent and recognizable brand image across all social platforms.

Review each of your existing social profiles with these questions in mind.

· Is it time to update your bio with new information?

· Should you use a more professional image for your avatar?

· Are your header images clear and compelling?

· Are you making good use of keywords?

· Do you need to include a new call-to-action?

Take Action: Complete all sections of your profile and schedule a review date every month or two to check your information is still current.

5. Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar helps you plan out your content on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. It helps you deliver a more balanced mix of content formats, such as articles, videos, and social posts.

Take Action: Set aside one day each month to map out upcoming events, holidays, and so forth, which you would like to write or post about. Create a calendar to map out content ideas aligned with 2021 holidays and seasonal trends and events. Use holidays as hooks for content and promotions. Often, this content is evergreen so that you can use it year after year.

6. Move Forward With A Fresh Social Media Strategy

Finally, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the HOW of social media and forget about the WHY. When using social media for marketing purposes, you need to understand that social media is more than just creating social accounts and posting updates once in a while. You need a solid strategy guiding your social media tactics.

Take Action: If you haven’t already done so, create a strategy to focus your social media marketing over the coming year. Use this six-step process to guide you.

Social Media Consultant. Keynote Speaker. Digital Storyteller. https://hcsmmonitor.com

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