5 Ways You Should Use Google Trends in 2023

Business owners, content creators, and anyone looking for valuable insights can benefit from Google Trends

Marie Ennis-O'Connor


Google Trends isn’t new. It’s been around for a while. If you haven’t had a chance to explore it yet or if it’s been a while since you’ve visited, it’s worth taking a fresh look.

With the ability to stay on top of current events, inform your content strategy, benchmark your performance, and identify new opportunities, Google Trends can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some ways to use Google Trends:

  1. To stay up-to-date on current events: By analyzing search data, Google Trends can show you what topics are currently popular and give you a sense of what people are interested in. This can be useful for staying up-to-date on current events and for informing your content strategy. Additionally, you can use Google Trends to see how well you are doing relative to your competitors and to identify emerging trends.
  2. To inform your content strategy: By understanding what topics are currently popular and creating content that aligns with those interests, you can increase the likelihood that your content will be well-received by your audience. This can be particularly useful for businesses looking to attract more customers or for content creators looking to grow their audience. However, it is important to keep in mind that simply creating content on popular topics is not enough — the content itself must also be high quality and provide value to the reader in order to be truly effective.
  3. To benchmark your performance: By using Google Trends to analyze search data, you can see how well your website or business is performing relative to your competitors. This can be useful for identifying areas where you are doing well and areas where you may need to improve. For example, if you see that your competitors are ranking highly for certain keywords, you may want to consider optimizing your website for those keywords as well. Additionally, by analyzing trends over time, you may be able to spot emerging trends and jump on them early.
  4. To identify new opportunities: By using Google Trends to analyze search…