10 Things to Post on Social Media in December

As December kicks off, another month of awareness days begins.

Marie Ennis-O'Connor


Keeping a consistent schedule for social media posting, whether you are updating your blog or sharing content on social media channels, can be a challenge.

In my social media training, I always recommend creating a social media calendar to help you tame the content beast.

Here are a few events you can add to your calendar this month to help you plan your content in advance.

Consider which of the following awareness days could be a starting point for creating content.

Dec 1: World Aids Day #WorldAIDSDay

Dec 2: World Computer Literacy Day #ComputerLiteracyDay

Dec 5: International Volunteer Day #InternationalVolunteerDay

Dec 6: St. Nicholas Day #StNicholasDay

Dec 10: Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay #UDHR

Dec 18: Hanukkah #Hanukkah

Dec 21: Winter Solstice #WinterSolstice