10 Places To Find Inspiration When You Are Stuck For Blog Ideas

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I am rarely stuck for blog ideas — my problem is finding time to write all the blogs that are in my head and in my draft folders! However, I can sometimes find myself stuck for ideas when I write for new clients and when my well of inspiration is dry, I turn to one of these tried and tested places to brainstorm fresh ideas.

1. Find Inspiration On Buzzsumo

Jon Morrow, suggests “before you write a single post, it’s worth asking yourself a simple question: Is anyone in your niche getting significant traffic? If not, what makes you think you can be the first?”

I use Buzzsumo to find inspiration by searching which popular content is most shared right now on social media. These are the topics people want to read about so it’s worth brainstorming ideas around this content.

In the example above, I entered “social media marketing” into the search box and discovered the most shared post is one detailing why email marketing is better than social media marketing. This led me to create a similar post right here on Medium 4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than Social Media.

Insider Tip

Use Google Trends and what’s trending on Twitter to keep an eye on trending topics that you can write about.

2. Tap Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Tool

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator tool lets you input up to three different nouns and returns five blog topic ideas that will exercise your writing muscles again.

Here are the suggestions generated for me when I input the terms “social media” and “marketing” into the tool.

3. Generate Ideas With Portent’s Content Idea Tool

A similar tool to Hubspot, Portent’s Content Idea Generator allows you to generate ideas with just one keyword. Be prepared that the tool can throw up some quirky suggestions, but don’t let that put you off. Keep playing around with it until you find one you can work with. I also really like how it shows you best practice tips, such as using metaphors in your writing.

4. Craft A Blog Headline With Inbound’s Title Generator

Sometimes all you need to get those creative juices flowing again is a title and this is where Inbound Now’s Blog Title Idea Generator comes in. You don’t even need to input a keyword — keep clicking on the generate title button until you find the inspiration you need.

5. Ask Questions on Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where you can either ask a question about your topic or simply do a search using your topic keyword to find what people are asking about that topic. It’s a super place for market research. Make a list of those questions which you feel you could write about.

You have the option to follow chosen topics in your niche. Once you do so you’ll keep seeing the ‘Top Stories’ (questions) in your Quora newsfeed. You can also check out the ‘New Questions’ option to see the latest questions. When you have written an article or blog post on the topic, go back into Quora and answer a question related to the topic. You can include a link to your post in your answer.

Yahoo Answers and Reddit are also good places to do market research online.

Insider Tip

Send your blog subscribers surveys asking them what their greatest struggles are.

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6. Search Keyword Suggestions with Keywords Everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere browser extension returns a host of long-tail phrases based on what people are searching for using specific keywords.

The Google Keyword Planner within Adwords is another useful tool to find ideas for content based on keyword search.

7. Use Google Related Searches

Google displays related search results at the bottom of the first page when you type in your Google search query. This is a super-helpful resource as it returns ideas that are relevant to your topic based on user interest and contextual words.

Insider Tip Answer The Public is an automated autocomplete tool that will populate relevant topics based on your search.

8. Read The Comments Section Of Popular Blogs

Comment sections of blogs can useful when trying to come up with ideas for content. Get in the habit of reading readers comments and questions on popular blogs for inspiration. The best place to find them is to visit authority blogs in your industry and read the comments there.

9. Analyse What’s Working For Your Competitors and Industry Peers

Look at the type of content your competitors are creating. Identify which content is performing well for them in terms of social shares, comments, likes, etc. Brainstorm around how you can take a piece of content they have created and add your own insight and expertise to make it more even more valuable to your readers.

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10. Repurpose Your Existing Content

Repurposing content simply means taking one asset and reusing it somewhere else. Get into the habit of creating each new piece of content with repurposing in mind. Why not create a series of posts around one topic idea, as I did with my email marketing series.

Or you could create a checklist, quote graphic, or video using content you’ve already written. There are so many possibilities for what you can do with one piece of great content. To quote Andy Crestodina:

I feel sure that one of these places will help you find the inspiration you need, but if all else fails, then head out the door and take yourself on a walk. You might be pleasantly surprised at what ideas come to you when you clear your mind, take in your surroundings and let your little grey cells do their work.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to add your suggestions for inspiring content ideas in the comments section below.




Social Media Consultant. Keynote Speaker. Digital Storyteller. https://hcsmmonitor.com

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Marie Ennis-O'Connor

Marie Ennis-O'Connor

Social Media Consultant. Keynote Speaker. Digital Storyteller. https://hcsmmonitor.com

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